Monday, January 18, 2010

memento mori

Times and travels
Space and times
End times start to unravel
to reveal shifts
Times and shifts

Have we been gypt?
The timer had read
"Cause to die" -
but not to be dead

Red and black, and
black and white
Remember you must die
Die as in dice

Lose as in lost
Two players, two sides
Adams and eves
Jacob and "he"

Flash back to gammon
Our first sets, were made of bones
Whose bones will make up
the set we've yet to see?

Science and faith
Whittle their bones, into the narrow shape
The world of to marrow -
that world has taken place

Are someones anklebones missing?
Are they now being played?
By who, a cubist?
An all-seeing die?

One that brought them to the island
One with six sides
Six sides with
four, eight, fifteen, sixteen, twenty-three, forty-two

A cube
A box company
A worker -
nay, i cant say what he can do

Though, he cant come back
Cause of a man in black -
but he can be used

The man of faith
has been replaced
by a man; a fake

smoke and mirrors

The black gale had arrived
The gale took us by surprise
Assured him he'd be safe
but gave us his cause to die

Remember he must die
Admit he's not alive
That he has done all he can
in the span of just one life

Come let us mourn the loss
The man of faith, who lost
Let us mourn the living, too
For they soon will follow suit

For they have already been chosen
Cause to die, would mean to play
Remember you must die..
You must gamble your life away...

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