Wednesday, September 22, 2010

requiescat in pace

In the beginning,
from the very beginning
God from the machine
came into living
before there was an end in sight
And now, at the end
there is a light
where God reconvened
with those of them who flew
over the ocean and back to

My body lies over the ocean
My body died across the sea
Whatever happened, happened
to my body and me

I became a God-forsaken rock
I remained a body of land
Theres no such thing as skin
I cant go through that again
I will always be lost.

Which brings me to my reason
Which reason, brings me to tears
The most critical part in your journey
is spent with me -
which brings you here

I needed you as much as you needed me
As a fail-safe, and intermediary
Ive made it so you all could be

These people landed on me
Made rules of me
I ruled over them
I gave them rules, and ruler

Where Gods, play God
and where metal behaves strangely
They took to chalky names
And saught their savior
in statuesque shadows.

The answers are everywhere you'd look for them
Every grand tour of the dark
was a leap for faith
The fall you needed to take
so that nothing would become irreversible

We all fall down,
and all of it matters

All these protagonist moments,
they work
You are here to find them,
or whatever your looking for

Drink of my wine
Drink up my waters
Because we dont accept this as a simple solution,
we do, so that they shall be one with me

Just through the forest,
bleeding through,
protect this light;
my source,
the sub-heart of all yours
If it goes out,
it goes out everywhere if it dies

Thats why your here
Thats why your all here
Groomed for this purpose alone
This is what you died for.

They died to protect me
Nobody told them they were suppose to die
They survived as long as they could
They channeled the water with the light
to move me
They punished me
They helped me
They proved me wrong.
They corked malevolence,
evil, darkness, where it belongs.
They go sideways
They find sanctuary
Then it ends.

They move on.
There is no more now, here
the worst parts over
Ive already said more than I should've

Its best to let go
To remember, and to let go
Let go of me.
Move on.

Come ye, lost souls
All candidates welcome,
nobody does it alone

All together now,
back to the beginning.