Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the eye of the island

An all-seeing eye
does its walkabout
Spares a life and governs its means
Helps bring his circumstances
to the deus ex machine

An all-seeing eye
welcomes him with purpose
Orientates him,
brings about his service
Services his lockdown -
then governs him to be worthless

An unforeseen betrayal
leads him to carry out
further instructions
that brings the man from tallahassee
to the man of faith with doubt,
to the brig of destruction

An all-unforeseeing eye
sees to the man inside
Cradles his cabin fever
and brings the means
to declare him leader

An all-unforeseeing eye
opens its eye wide
Sees finally its opportune moment
in the life and death of jeremy bentham
And seizes reign
and then some..

Carpe diem...

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