Monday, February 1, 2010

they're coming

Lets play chess, they said
And all who land on our land,
will become part of our progress

Land they did, they did
They played along,
just like the rest

The rest they came, they did
Lets let them sort
from destiny and fate, they said

Sort they did, they did
Ignoring free will,
mistaking it for what the island says

The island said, it said
Everything happens for a reason
Whatever happens, happens

Then everything did, it did
Till someone psyched the cycle
and brought an opponent his last breath

He said, they're coming, he said
Now his enemy will have to impersonate
all the survivors from before

The final war that is, is did
by those he touched,
and those his enemy has taken form

He touched them all, he did
All moments of their lives
Because if he'd die, they'd live

Lets play chess, he said,
but for now,
lets play dead..

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